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          Hire Prequalified Drivers for Your Company

We provide 100% prequalified

Fully Committed drivers looking to make your company their home for the long haul!


Recruiters Standing by 24/7—CALL NOW!

WE Provide multiple levels of service to ensure that we help you achieve your company goals. Whether you have 50 trucks or 500 we are your one stop shop!

Providing 100% Prequalified, Committed and Available Drivers


Our mission at E-QUALITY TRANSFER INC is very simple. We are here to create and maintain positive changes that will have an impact on our frontline workers!

Whether you’re a driver or a potential partner carrier, we would love the opportunity to show you the difference in working with us!

We put drivers first and ALL our staff believe in the same vision and are professionally trained and educated. We are to help Class A CDL drivers find the best driving opportunities they qualify for while helping to lower our partner’s turnover rate. It all starts with these three principles:




We feel very confident in our select partnerships. Our goal is to be the solution that exceeds your expectations!

We accomplish this by partnering with SELECT CARRIERS.


Our drivers are not only informed but they are 100% committed. We have multiple layers in place before the application is submitted to ensure the driver is 100% committed. We use unique methods to get the driver to open up about any tickets, accidents, criminal record, abandonments, failed drug screens etc

We are under one roof and breathing the same air. This is one of the keys that separates us from anyone else and guarantees the quality and premiere service you expect.

Quality isn’t just a part of our name, we aren’t remote, we have the ability to perform excellent overall quality control and professionalism. We are right here in Minnesota!

Equality Transfer Inc - Hire Prequalified Drivers for Companies


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We provide 100% prequalified, committed and available drivers looking to make your company their home for the long haul!

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